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Spiritual Christian
Phone Psychic Reading
By Dr. Ginny!
As Seen On ABC, CBS and NBC, written about in the Wall Street Journal,
New York Times, USA Today!

Are you looking for advice on:
 Employment, Love, Romance,
Relationships or Finances?
If so, you have come to the right place!
Dr. Ginny holds a PhD in Spiritual Counseling and is an Ordained Minister. All of her readings are Christian based and at no time is the occult involved, ever!

Dr. Ginny studied at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science in England.
If you have questions and are looking for good honest and yet compassionate answers, Dr. Ginny can help.  Try her once, and you will never go anywhere else.
Each reading will start with a short prayer and the reading will commence. Dr. Ginny is what is referred to as an Intuitor. That basically means when she is talking with you, Angels inspire her with intuitive messages regarding your needs, wants and desires.
If you are looking for guidance with Finance, Love, Relationships or Employment Dr. Ginny can help. Dr. Ginny works with Angel Cards to help communicate your needs and to get the answers to the questions you so desperately need answered.
Dr. Ginny was born with these gifts that are shared by many family members and cousins. She recognized at an early age that she has been blessed with these gifts. 
Actually she has told many stories about some of the humorous things that happened as a child that made every one think she was “LUCKY”, below is just one
“I remember one day I had entered a drawing for a train set at a local Grocery Store that had just opened. I was ten years old and had filled out the entry form while my Mom shopped. A few weeks later I told my Mom we had to call the store because I had won, and I really wanted to put the train around the Christmas tree.
She told me that they would call if I had won. So I waited a few days and then when we went shopping there again, I asked my Mom to see if they had picked a winner yet. She went to the Customer Service desk and I remember the store Manager telling her they would be picking the winner by the weekend. 
So much to my mother’s chagrin, I started calling the store every day from Thursday on. They kept saying that they had not picked the winner yet. Finally a week later, we got a letter in the mail stating I had the won the train set and we should go down to the store to pick it up. 
I still have that train set; its 37 years old and I still put it under the tree for my family every Christmas. My Mom was not all that surprised, she displayed intuition moments all the time. “



Working in sales for several fortune 500 companies Dr. Ginny would always have the highest sales and closing ratios of any employee. Not just for the month or year, but simply the highest closing ratio that the company had ever had, period. It took several years and countless Division Managers, Regional Directors and Vice Presidents who pointed out that she was like a “Machine” a “Robot” the “Chosen One” and one called her the “Secret Weapon”. 
Dr. Ginny specializes in helping you to find Love,
Romance, Financial Success, Employment Guidance, Parenting Help and Life Course Mapping.
One day, while visiting with a friend they discussed her incredible success in sales. Dr. Ginny explained that she simply always seemed to know just what the clients needed to hear; what their concerns were; their unspoken objections. She actually said, “I know it sounds weird, but I just seem to hear in my head what the clients need to hear me say, and what their concerns are”. 
It was then that the friend suggested maybe she really did know. After thinking about it for a while, she realized it made perfect sense. Then she started to test the theory. 
While attempting to close a corporate client that no one else could, she kept hearing in her head the word “Tennis”, so she simply stated, “so, do you play much tennis”. Bam, this was like having the key to the castle. She closed the sale and went on to become the Vice President of the company. 
“I sometimes see events similar to plays in my mind. It’s like a movie is playing in my head and its not like a dream, it’s more real if you will. It always predicts what’s going to happen in the future. One of those plays actually saved my husbands life. Till this day, I thank my lucky Angels and God above for this gift that I have. 
Sometimes it freaks people out, just the other night we were dinning out and the waitress started talking to us about the local school system, somehow it turned to New Jersey and her dad, without realizing it I started reading her and told her it must be hard for Dad with her Mom passing. My Angels shared with me that she came from a big Italian family. I told her how her Dad may be struggling now but that he would soon be better because his faith was so strong. 
It happens like that sometimes, I don’t mean to read people, it just happens and I forget to block it. She stepped back and said, “How did you know that”. Let me tell you, the last thing you want to do is tell someone your Angels just shared that information to help her be less stressed about her Dad. That’s like saying “You just came down with leprosy, let’s shake hands.” I tried to cover by telling her she looked Italian and blah blah blah. Problem was she was from Puerto Rico and didn’t look Italian and oddly enough she never came back to refill my iced tea. “
Dr. Ginny offers Christian based readings
to the general public with the help of Angel cards.
These readings are available person-to-person
by phone or via Email.
How your personalized Reading Will Take Place:
Simply call the toll free number below, 1-800-375-3446 and reserve a comfortable time for either a Phone, Email or in Person reading. We take all major credit cards and PayPal. Always check the specials section of the this site for "Reading Sales" If you choose a phone reading, Dr. Ginny will provide you with a Toll Free number to call within the United States and Canada. 
 If you live outside the USA you will be provided with a different phone number that is not toll free. That number is: 407-971-0017. 
Attention: All readings are conducted in English only.
Due to the large number of clients Dr. Ginny works with, it is necessary to have a staff member pre-set appointments for Dr. Ginny. 
We guarantee that all readings by phone or Email are conducted by Dr. Ginny PERSONALLY.
Often, while Dr. Ginny is conducting a reading, she will feel the need to send you a laminated prayer card or a Saint Medal for you to keep. These are sent as gifts only and there is never any charge for them, they are free.
Dr. Ginny’s skill set and intuition became so strong that she went on to consulting large companies and its employees on what their clients really wanted to know about their products or services. By sharing this knowledge the company could then target their sales presentations based on this intuition and was able to answer the real questions of its customers and increase sales ten fold. 
Dr. Ginny does consulting for corporate clients
and normally charges several hundred dollars
per thirty minutes. Dr. Ginny has provided
her advice to over 11,000 clients. 
She has constantly increased her skills to helping
people in all aspects of there lives including but
not limited to: Finding Love, Romance, Financial
Success, Employment Guidance, Parenting Help
and Life Course Mapping.
Special Pricing for this month ONLY
$1.99 a minute
Always Discreet, Private and Personal

Dr. Ginny says:
”When I was really young, like 19, I was working for a bank during the day and going to the local college at night to earn my degree. Every morning the Wall Street Journal was delivered to the bank and one day I came in really early and started to page through it. 
I was just 19, so let’s say most of it went over my head. But when I got to the NASDAQ section it somehow called to me. So I took out my highlighter and marked the ones that looked like they were shining brighter than the others. I knew, of course, by then that I had this gift of intuition and was curious to see how good it really was and if it could make me some money. 
Things got busy and I never checked to see if my predictions were right, but a week later a client came in, sat at my desk and said I need to talk to you. I asked her what for and she explained that when she had been in last week to roll over her CD, she saw the stocks I had highlighted, and bought all of them. I nearly died, I started to stammer how that was not investment advice and how that was never intended for anyone to see. I just envisioned my job going down the toilet in a hurry! 
But she just started laughing and told me she made thousands of dollars off of these picks and she was wondering if I could pick her some more. I explained they were lucky guesses and I most certainly could not. Its funny how the Angels work, they will never show me what stocks to buy for myself, I know I have tried, yet they must have felt this newly widowed woman needed this to happen at just that time.
I have heard from other psychics that our gifts cannot be used like that for ourselves, for others yes, but not for ourselves and I have found this to be true. Otherwise I would have picked my own lottery numbers years ago and be living on my own island somewhere sipping Pina Coladas and watching the sunset”
If preferred, Doctor Ginny can also provide this reading via email; however you would be limited to 2 questions that she can respond to.
If you need real life Christian based
advice, contact Dr. Ginny
Always Discreet, Privacy Is Everything!
We accept all major Credit Cards and PayPal.
Here is the disclaimer that all psychics are required to put on there advertisements when offering readings:
All Psychic readings and services rendered thereof is for entertainment purposes only. I am not qualified to give Legal and/or Medical advice and will not do so. If you need legal and/or Medical advice please seek the help of a professional licensed to provide such services.
On a personal note, please do not call and ask me to provide information on when someone is going to die, this is between God and that person and no one can interfere with that timeline. I will never ever give information to someone who is planning to use that information to do something illegal. My readings are as accurate as my ability will allow and no psychic is right 100% of the time. 

Therefore, when we first start to talk, if I feel I cannot make a connection, which does happen rarely but it does

happen, I will give you the choice of either refunding your money or trying again at a later time. 
 Take Control, Call Dr. Ginny


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