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Hypnosis For Weight Loss


 Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band

is a program that is a combination of non therapeutic hypnosis coupled with imagery and visualization techniques that assist you into believing you have had an actual gastric band surgery.  The results are the same as if you have had an actual gastric banding.   After being Hypnotized using Virtual Gastric Band you will feel as if you have undergone the procedure of Gastric Banding without ever really having to go through the surgery to help you achieve your desired weight loss.

Is The Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band Safe?

 Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band is completely safe with none of the traditional side affects of Hospital Gastric Banding such as; blood clots, heart attack (PEs or pulmonary embolism), infection, or bleeding. Nor will you have to worry abut slippage of the gastric band down the stomach. Vomiting or nausea, protein or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Erosions of the gastric band through the stomach causing a hole in the stomach.  Gastric bands can malfunction, leak saline from the balloon or tubing. The tubing can break or the port flips.

There are no side effects and yes it is safe.  Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band is done through hypnosis and your mind believes what it sees mentally through visualization and imagery techniques. During the Hypnosis session while you are in a trance state you will hear actual sounds from the OR with accompanying scents.  Your mind will believe that you have actually undergone a Gastric Banding procedure.  The intended results will be weight loss as if you have had an actual Gastric Band procedure done. 

Who can get the  Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band?

If you are overweight and feel you are truly committed to losing that weight then you may be a good candidate. The Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band creator and founder  Dr. Ginny will personally interview every client before agreeing to perform the Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band.  If after speaking with our founder she feels you would be a good candidate for the  Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band then she will agree to take you on as a client. This can be used for clients who want to lose 15lbs to 250lbs or more.  The changes that you will see immediately will amaze you! Because you will not actually be undergoing the real physical surgery, health concerns or age is not a problem.  Ages 9 to 90 can have the  Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band performed with no risk to health or safety. Plus you can start anytime.  This has been incredibly popular and so successful that often times your initial appointment will have to be made weeks if not months in advance.  Although Dr. Ginny is training other Hypnotists in her practice on the  Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band procedure; the response has been much stronger than originally anticipated and she will soon have other trained hypnotists in the Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band working with her in the near future to lesson the wait time to get started. 

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What does the program include? 

The sessions include a series of approximately one hour sessions.  The number of sessions is dependant on the amount of weight loss needed.  After the initial appointment either in person or over the phone with Dr. Ginny and determining that you would be a good candidate for the  Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band you will be scheduled for your first session.  If your session takes place in the office, it is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes to your sessions since you will be in a reclined position during the session.  Please keep in mind that in simulating the atmosphere in the actual OR unit, the temperature can get a bit chilly so you may choose to bring along a sweater or light jacket or wear clothes with sleeves.  Tank top wearers can get a bit chilly while in session.  If your session is taking place over the phone there is no concern.  There is a minimum of four sessions needed for the success of the Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band.  The last session is to remove the  Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band after the successful completion of weight loss desired.  Plus a cd is given to the client to take home after each session to enhance the suggestions of your sessions.

The Weight Loss Wait Is Over!!!

Is It Successful?

Programs similar to the Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band
Through out the world  are reporting sucess rates between 74% and 95% sucess.  Featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox news.  Good Morning America also featured Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Banding showing astounding sucess stories.

What Does the Program Cost?

 Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band program is cost effective, costing approximately 93% less than actual gastric band surgery.


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“The services I render are held out to the public as non therapeutic hypnotism, defined as the use of hypnosis to inculcate positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis. I do not represent my services as any form of health care or psychotherapy, and despite research to the contrary, by law I may make no health benefit claims for my services."































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