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Crucial Things to Know Before Visiting a Psychic

If you have been considering scheduling a reading with a psychic it is very important for you to read this article first so you can avoid throwing your money down the drain.

More than likely you are considering going to see a psychic because you want someone to provide you with guidance or answers to the questions or uncertainties that are on your mind about your life. However, with all of the psychics available it can be hard to know which ones are qualified and which ones are not. So, we are going to provide you with a psychic checklist to help you avoid wasting your money on a fraud.


The psychic you choose should have the gift of being able to see into the future. They should also be able to hear spirits. Not to mention the fact that a real psychic also has the ability to sense spirits as well as different energies. 

Reads Emotions

An excellent psychic can read your emotions and they can even influence them in a positive way.

 Skilled Counselor Traits

Your psychic should be able to provide you with advice along the lines of a professional counselor. They should always be respectful and you should feel as though they actually understand you. Furthermore, they should be able to show you that they are focused on your problems as well as make you feel comfortable while you are in their presence whether on the phone or in person. The advice they provide you with should be positive while still allowing you to be able to find a way to deal with your problems. Not to mention the fact that good psychics are supportive and encouraging. Your psychic should not come off as having problems themselves. This is something that you will be able to recognize right away based on the advice that they give you. Lastly, your psychic should not be judgmental, arrogant, try to make your decision instead of letting you come up with the final solution. It also helps if the psychic of your choosing is experienced with substance/physical abuse and bereavement counseling.

 Has Positive Solutions to Relationship Issues

Before hiring a psychic confirm that they are experienced in dealing with all types of relationships, i.e. abusive relationships, gay relationships, and parent/child relationships. This will help them be able to offer you really helpful advice to your problems.

 Tells Bad News To Clients

A qualified psychic will tell you bad news to an extent. They will tell you about the bad things that you can change. However, when it comes to death, real psychics working with God or the Divine are never told of when a person will die, this is between that person and God.  Additionally, if you are going to a good psychic you should be ready for them to point out some of the things that you did not want to hear or accept. So, always make sure that you are prepared to hear anything before you visit with a psychic.


In order to find a psychic that is accurate you are going to want to stay away from “free” psychic reading listing. Real psychics are going to charge for their gifts just like any other professional would. However, you are going to want to keep in mind that even the best psychics are not 100% accurate.


The main thing to ask for before seeing a psychic is their credentials. Find out where you can find reviews about their services, things like do they have testimonials on their sites?  A real psychic will have no problem pointing you in the right direction so you can feel at ease knowing that real people have actually found their services to be beneficial.  If a Psychic has a radio show that is one of the best indicators that this Psychic is accurate.  Unlike Television where answers and readings can be edited during a live Radio broadcast you can hear how kind, helpful, and accurate a Psychic truly is.  If this Psychic has done several radio shows then you can rest easy that this Psychic has been tested under fire and has come through with flying colors.

Asks Few Questions

If your psychic is providing you with a reading and then allows you to follow up with questions, this is a sign of a seasoned and caring Psychic.  It is always a good idea to jot down a lot of your questions so you can remember each and everyone while talking to the Psychic, this will shorten the reading time and allow you to make sure all your questions have been answered.  

Has a Natural Gift

Some psychics will say that they have been professionally trained which is good.  However it is important to note that real psychics have had their gift since they have been born but they may have gotten some reputable training to help them enhance their skills. There are many training type schools and programs for Psychics however the truth is you are born Psychic although it is very helpful if a Psychic takes classes to further enhance their abilities and tweak their accuracy. Most important to note here, everyone is born with the gift of intuition however sometimes it is important for the Psychic to learn how to listen to the messages they are receiving.  This simply shows that the Psychic is doing all they can to deliver you the best and highest quality reading possible.



What Is A Real or Fake Psychic? By: Dr. Ginny of www.drginny.com

It is a shocking fact that one in four psychics are real.  That number even begs further investigation.    Having been born into being an Angel Communicator I can say that real honest “Psychics” are very hard to find.

As a genuine psychic myself, I find it so disturbing that there are fakes and frauds in the world who will quickly take your money and tell you what you want to hear.  Worse even, they may pick up on the fact that you are vulnerable and just use you to satisfy their own greed by pretending to be able to do something they cannot or scare you into paying them your life savings because they have caused fear and anxiety in your already overwhelming world.

1) Many fake psychics ask for your date of birth or your star sign. This is so that they can check their local newspaper for that days astrology reading, then they just type it up differently and make it sound like their actually picking up information from you.

2) Fake psychics will see you are vulnerable and set out to scare you more all the while fattening their own pocketbooks!

3) A fake psychic will make all kinds of promises that they can bring back your lover with spells and candles which, of course, will all add up to extra and expensive charges. If a psychic says you have a curse on you, your family or friend, this is a definite warning sign.  Are they offering to help with a free prayer? No they are not, I think they are just offering to take your money and run!

4) A real psychic will do phone readings as well as in person readings.  You can tell a great psychic when they can read you over the phone and they have not seen you at all.  This way you can be certain they are not “reading” your profile because of clothing, car or jewelry.

5) Do not let a fake psychic reel you in and manipulate you into giving them information. A genuine psychic will tell you what they are seeing and then they will ask you to verify that what they are seeing/feeling is correct.

  6) A fake psychic will try to determine what you want to hear and tell you that, rather than being honest. If a psychic is blunt and honest that means that they would rather tell you the truth even if it means you will never go to them again.

7) A fake psychic will always try to be your best friend.  They pretend to have your best interest at heart.  Fake psychics know how to manipulate. A genuine psychic will be blunt, honest and will not try to be your friend, but will honestly provide you with a professional service like any other advisor or consultant.

8) Use common sense.  If a psychic is working for a psychic hotline it should make you ask yourself, “Why is this person not a success in their own right”?  Why would a psychic who is good and accurate need to work for a hotline? Perhaps they are just new but could it be that they are not as good as they would want you to think and never have repeat business so they have no choice but to use a psychic hotline?

9) A genuine psychic will not only tell you all the wonderful things but some of things that maybe do not thrill you as well.  It’s called being honest and if you are looking for an honest psychic then you should hope they do that!

10) A genuine psychic will give you some personal information about you that is not common knowledge to prove they are truly connected to the Angels.

Recent Article from Washington DC: Who Is The Go-To Psychic In The USA?

Unlike so many of us, Dr. Ginny had the amazing chance to find out who she truly is and what she is meant for. As a matter of fact, Dr. Ginny is not your average person – she is a psychic and has recently been voted best psychic; a distinction that not many in her field dare to dream of.

In addition to that, she is working as a trance-channel medium and during her sessions angels come to her. Dr. Ginny is able to feel their presence and even talk to them. Now she knows that she had come to a point where she was ready to become acquainted with higher powers. This is why Dr. Ginny is also one of the most gifted angel readers.

As a Christian psychic she often deals with people whose beliefs have changed over the years. However, with her help, you can overcome depression, anxiety and other troubles that are currently affecting you. A gifted psychic, such as Dr. Ginny can help you find your true purpose in life.

She is the living proof that angels are among us and want to help us. Dr. Ginny is a truly amazing person, because she offers to share her divine gift with you. This way you have the change to benefit from psychic sessions over the phone or even in person.

In addition to that, Dr. Ginny is also able to channel your guardian angels and see how you are supposed to fix the problems in your life. She is not the one that will take your troubles away, but by performing psychic reading sessions with you, she will be able to show you what you need to do in order to get better and live the life that you truly want.

Leaving all doubts aside, you should see Dr. Ginny when you are truly convinced that you need guidance from higher powers. Being skeptical about such matters will do you no good at all – quite on the contrary; and I am sure you already know that. Do not waste any more time and see how a psychic, like Dr. Ginny, can help you change your life in ways that you never thought possible. Go to her website and check the numerous testimonials from the people Dr. Ginny has helped so far.



How To Know If A Psychic Is Real?


One of the number one questions when a client calls into a psychic is,  “Are you real”?  Now my guess is that the psychic would not be advertising  as a psychic if when someone calls in they were going to respond with, “Nope, I’m not real I’m totally fake”.   It cracks me up that people would actually ask that question.  It’s just like when they put that question on resumes that asks for you to put down references.  On one hand who in their right mind would put down someone that would say something bad about them.  Most people put down friends and or relatives (even though they say no relatives) and everyone always receives a glowing review.  There is an exception to that and that is when the person filling out the application is so clueless or such an anti social person that they truly don’t have a social network of friends and so they just put down someone who barely knows them.  Then when the person from HR calls they get a bad report and that person never gets hired.  But those are the rare few and something tells me someone that is so disconnected from reality, would show other deficits during the interview process that would clue in the interviewer into knowing that perhaps this person is not right for the job. 


So why would someone ask that same type of question to a psychic?  Probably for the same reason they ask those questions on job resumes.  To quickly weed out the really bad ones.  But once you have weeded out the bad psychics by asking that question, then what do you have left.  How do you know the good ones, the real one from the ones that are not honest but pretend to be psychics?  The one’s who prey on the innocent and who want to take advantage of them while they are at their most vulnerable.  So how can you tell a real psychic from a fake when you desperately need some advice?  That’s actually pretty easy.  Think about this, if a psychic is doing the job part time, they may be good but that tells me that they either are new or they may not be that great.  The reason, if you go to a psychic and they are really really really good you are going to go home and tell all your friends about this psychic. Then your friends at least some of them are going to want to go visit that psychic as well.  Then they tell their friends and so on and so on and eventually this psychic has no time to work a full time job other than being a psychic.  So one way to weed out an okay psychic from a really good psychic is simply ask, “Do you do this full time?” Funny but when asked that question many psychics will say, “No I only do this in the evening’s part time”.  That’s when it’s time to find another psychic if you are trying to save time and make sure the psychic you are calling is good at what they do.  I know this sounds simple but sometimes the simplest things we tend to make difficult. 

Are They Psychic, They Don’t Dress It?

Often when we think of psychics we think of dark lite rooms filled with incense and multi colored cards of different origins that will aid the psychic in giving us the messages we so want to hear.  One thing I have learned in life is to look beyond the cover.  When we arrive at a book store and do not have a specific book in mind.  We have a tendency to be drawn to book covers.  I have been told that a book cover can increase the sale of the book along with product placement on the shelves.  I have also been told because of the way the books are placed that a writer who has a last name that begins with the letter “M” has a higher chance of being recognized because their books generally appear on the shelf at the eye level when placed alphabetically.  What does this have to do with Psychics?  Quite a bit actually. You see when going to a psychic if the psychic does not fit your perception of what you think a psychic should look like, or if they are not surrounded by the assorted accoutrement that you feel is acceptable you will questions the psychics ability.  That is precisely where the problem begins.  Storybooks and movies have us thinking that all psychics are created equal and that they all smell like an incense shop and have satin pillows and dark lighting and the psychic will always appear just a bit on the eccentric side.  Well I’m here to tell you it is a new dawn.  No longer are psychics forced to feel that they must fit the social norm or the perception that movie producers have forced them into.  Quite contrary they are branching out.  This is evident in all the most popular reality TV shows.  In my last count all but four have had their “real life “participants either visit a psychic or have a psychic come to them.  The amazing part is that  many of the  psychics so far has spoken of believing in God and none seem dressed in flowing silk garb often associated with the “old world” psychic.  They look like our neighbors or the lady at the grocery store.  What’s the reason? That’s truly who they are.   As the community at large starts to accept and even encourage psychics, psychics becomes more comfortable with letting out there secret.  They are psychic, were born psychic, have been psychic every day of their life and will probably remain so.  They have in essence stepped out of the “Psychic Closet” and into the daylight.   More important because they are not vampires they don’t shimmer and shine in the daylight nor do the majority run around grocery stores and hair salons giving readings at random to anyone who will listen.  They are average every day people who simply have a gift that when requested to will gladly share that gift. The next time you hear of a psychic or perhaps summon the courage to contact one for advice don’t assume they have to dress the part, because the psychics of today are truly your neighbors, car pool moms and soccer coaches. 

10 Tips To Getting A Great Psychic Reading

A psychic reading is an open channel of energies between yourself and a your psychic and the Angels and Spirit  Guides. Consequently, your attitude and approach to the reading is as important as the psychic reader’s intention.

1. Read our Essential Preparation guide for some great tips on pre-reading preparation.

2. Have a list of questions ready for the psychic reading. It helps to write them down so you don’t forget them once you are on the psychic reading.

3. Try not to ask Yes/No questions. These questions tend to limit the flow of the psychic reading in the same way they would limit the flow of any conversation. Make the question is specific but open ended. This will encourage the psychic reader to give you more quality guidance.

4. Ask the psychic how they connect with their psychic abiltity. Are they a clairvoyant(see images)? Do they see past lives? This will help you appreciate the way the information flows and is being expressed.

5. If there are some general areas you want to focus on, like relationship, career, health etc, make sure you let the psychic know.

6. Don’t try to test the psychic by withholding information. This is the best way to create the worst atmosphere in a psychic reading. Were you relaxed when you did exams? Perhaps being under pressure may have helped you work out Maths problems more quickly, but in a psychic reading, it just makes the experience unnecessarily difficult and stressful for the psychic.

7. Be open to a different way of thinking about yourself and your problems. Hopefully, a psychic will be able to help you to create a totally different and empowering perspective about your problems. Dont come to a psychic reading thinking you have it all figured out. Be open to change.

8. Validate your psychic. If the psychic is saying things that make a lot of sense to you, make sure you tell them. This helps the psychic continue down the right track.

9. If you don’t understand something don’t be afraid to ask. Sometimes psychics don’t communicate clearly. We are human after all.

10. Just enjoy your psychic reading. The psychic reading is time to focus on YOU. Look at it as a kind of healing session, helping you to let go of the old hurts and embrace new plans for the future.



Is It Okay To Call A Psychic If You’re a Christian?

This is a question many ponder either just before or just after they have received a psychic reading.  I have been asked this time after time and I even questioned this myself many years ago. As an  Angel Communicator, someone who  communicates with the Angels only, I do not use Tarot Cards, Séances, Runes, or any other method than talking with and to the Angels whom have been placed here by God to help guide us. Because I have been asked this question so often I felt it may be a good idea to write an article to express a view that would not alienate any particular religion nor refute what has been written in the bible regardless of which version of the bible you may own. Since we know that God made us with free will, I always believe a person should follow their own personal beliefs.  That being said, God also made the Angels according to every single Bible that I have ever seen, read or googled. As a matter of fact, Angels are about the only unanimous thing all bibles have in common, each one refers to how God made the Angels.   However, if God made the Angels and put them here to help us, guide us, and be our support network then it would not be wrong to talk to them directly. When you acknowledge them and speak with them aren't  you merely accepting a gift that God has bestowed upon you?  The Angels are not conspiring against God in some sort of mutinous plot.  The Angels according to the bible “were sent as messengers of God.”  He, in essence, gave them their travel papers. The Angels as well as your higher self will never defy Gods will so there is no chance that you may make a mistake.   Angels bring messages from the Divine. Depending on a persons religious beliefs that can be God, as it is for me, or Creator, Goddess or The Divine as it is for others.  Regardless Angels are sent as a gift from God to help us polish our talents for the betterment of the world, to keep us out of harms way before our time and guide us in areas of relationships, health, career and even sometimes finances.  Our Angels are with us to enact Gods plan of harmony.  So I will let you decide. Let me know what you think... “Is it okay to ask a Psychic Angel Reader or Angel Communicator for a reading if you are a Christian”? I know my answer is, ‘how can you not’.

How to Tell If You Have Psychic Intuition and If You Can Be A Psychic Reader


God has placed an internal "GPS" in each of us. I like to call it "Gods Positioning System". We can all remember a time in our life where our "gut" instinct told us what to do, what to say or even how to react. I'm sure we can all remember a time when we didn't follow that "gut" reaction and chastised ourselves for not following that instinct. Learning how to listen to this type of intuitive gut reaction can certainly help people to not only see things clearly but can also help them make better decisions. Everyone can develop psychic intuition but it takes time and practice. Often most people never learn to trust their own psychic intuition and fail to put in necessary effort to strengthen it.


Some people recognize from an early age that they possess special abilities that others around them don't seem to share. For some being psychic or a psychic intuitive is an easy thing to comprehend and acknowledge. However for others they can often feel left out, odd or even display anti social behavior as they come into their psychic gifts. Often times the blessing of being psychic or having psychic intuition runs in families. Just because one individual is more in tune with their intuition than another does not mean that intuition does not exist for the one who feels no connection. It simply means that they need to develop an "ear" for listening. In some cases, psychic intuition is generational where there are many members of a family that are psychic or highly intuitive. Many professional psychics come from these types of families. They learned how to refine their sense of intuition and use this skill to perform psychic readings for others.

Once a person realizes either through a family member who mentors them or another Spiritualist who is equally gifted that they truly do have a gift then training can begin. They must train to become confident and to be able to give confident psychic readings. Learning how to focus while doing a reading is imperative. Having the courage to voice what you see, hear, smell or sense is vital. Because it is when this information is shared that the person who is having the reading can validate what the Psychic is sensing. As with all readings what a Psychic interprets is simply that, and interpretation. They then must learn to decipher what they are interpreting. This can take time and years of practice. It's like anything else that to become really good at it you must put in the time and practice so that it becomes second nature. However the more effort the reader puts into their skill of psychic reading the more accurate that reader will become.

Sometime when clients call or come in for a psychic reading they simply want to cut to the chase and get answers. However a truly gifted Psychic realizes that there are many things that can and will affect ones future or the outcome of a future event. It's important to take the time necessary to provide a reading that is accurate and guides the client in the right direction. Free will always plays an important part when it comes to predicting one's future. Should someone hear something in a psychic reading that causes them concern, they always have the power to take the steps necessary to change their own future. Remember each and every single one of us is the master of their own destiny.

I'm sure that after reading this article there will be many people who recognize themselves in these words and should you choose to, you may want to do a little research as to how you can use these gifts for the greater good. There are countless books on psychic development and metaphysical subjects. You may want to start by performing psychic readings with your friends and family in order to further develop you skills. Psychic intuition is a skill, and like all skills, it requires dedication and lots of practice.


When all is said and done, we know that cultivating your psychic ability and your intuition and learning how to use Gods implanted "GPS" system can help you make better decisions. It can also help your friend, family members and even if you choose clients to be make better choices in life. That is truly the most remarkable gift, to be able to help others in their journey through life. Helping to provide them with needed guidance, advice and focus is a priceless attribute to being a Psychic Intuitive.

Want to see if you have psychic ability, read this article. It will allow you to learn if you have the skills to be a psychic. Then visit the web site; www.Drginny.com for more information on how you too can be a Professional Psychic Reader

Hedge Prayer Of Protection:
For those of you who have called me asking for a prayer to help remove negative energy that may or may not be surrounding you or anthing else that has you concerned I think this prayer may be just what you are looking for.  There is no charge for this prayer nor should there ever be.  Prayer is free for all who wish to take advantage of it and so please feel free to use the prayer below and download it if you wish.  This is a prayer that was sent to me by friend who also happens to be a Catholic Priest. I trust him and I know that this prayer is the simply the best weapon against anything evil period. Please feel free to download it and use it in your own homes or offices.

Paranormal Warriors of St. Michael © Network

A Network of Clergy and Groups offering Deliverance, Liberation and Healing  within the Paranormal Community

Website:  pwsm-ri.org


Hedge Prayer of Protection of Household

[The "Hedge Prayer of Protection" is one of the most powerful prayers in the arsenal of spiritual warfare. We learn from Job that God has placed a "hedge of protection" around his children that Satan cannot cross except that God allows it (or as we allow it).

It should be noted, as it is with all prayer, the Hedge Prayer of Protection is not a magic bullet. There are no guarantees that the Hedge surrounding us cannot be breached. We can allow Satan and his demons to breach the Hedge by our carelessness of leaving the gate open, through direct or indirect invitation to the demons, through sins of commission and omission, through holes left unrepaired after sins are confessed and forgiven, through ancestral afflictions, etc. Even if there are no other reasons, God may allow demons to breach the hedge, as He did with Job, for purposes of testing, learning, or other Divine Reasons that only God may know.

And the LORD said to Satan, "Have you considered my servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, who fears God and turns away from evil?" Then Satan answered the LORD, "Does Job fear God for nought? Hast thou not put a hedge about him and his house and all that he has, on every side? Thou hast blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land. --Job 1:8-10

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you men of double mind. -- James 4:7-8]

Start Reading Prayer Here:

“Trusting in the promise that whatever we ask the Father in Jesus' name He will do, I(we) now approach You Father with confidence in Our Lord's words and in Your infinite power and love for me(us) and for our household and family, and with the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, Blessed Archangel Michael, my(our) guardian angel(s) and the guardian angels of our household and family, with all the saints and angels of heaven, and Holy in the power of His blessed Name, as ask you Father to protect our household and its members and keep us from the harassment of the devil and his minions.

Father I(we) ask in desire to serve You and adore You and to live our lives for You that You build a hedge of protection around our household, like that which surrounded Job, and to help us to keep that hedge repaired and the gate locked so that the devil and his minions have no access or means to breach the hedge except by your expressed will.

Father, I(we) am(are) powerless against the spiritual forces of evil and recognize my(our) utter dependence on You and Your power. Look with mercy upon me(us) and upon our household and family. Do not look upon our sins, O Lord; rather, look at the sufferings of your Beloved Son and see the Victim who's bitter passion and death has reconciled us to You. By the victory of the cross, protect us from all evil and rebuke any evil spirits who wish to attack, influence, or breach Your hedge of protection in any way. Send them back to Hell and fortify Your Hedge for our protection by the blood of Your Son, Jesus. Send your Holy Angels to watch over us and protect us.

Father, all of these things I(we) ask in the most holy name of Jesus Christ, Your Son. Thank you, Father, for hearing my(our) prayer. I(we) love You, I(we) worship You, I(we) thank You and I(we) trust in You. Amen”


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